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Judge this book by it's cover

Updated: May 13, 2021

November saw the release of Drew Gummerson's new novel Seven Nights At The Flamingo Hotel and we're proud to say we designed the cover for this quirky, funny tale of misery and mystery. It's been brought into the world by fledgling indie publisher Bearded Badger, who approached MOJO in early 2020 for some cover design concepts. Despite the challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns, Bearded Badger managed to get "the Flamingo" off the ground and it's now being distributed around the world to critical and popular acclaim. Of the cover concepts we pitched to Bearded Badger, we're delighted that they went for this brave design, inspired by the covers of classic cult novels. We used a bold pink colour with grungy graphics to convey the themes and tone of the novel. The photos below were taken by proud owners of the book, including one in New York and Berlin.


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