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MOJO Booksafe concept entered for a Print Week Award

Magazine printing giant Precision Colour Printing (PCP) set us a new challenge for their summer direct marketing campaign.

They wanted something that would encourage customers to pick up the phone and talk to their sales team, and as this would be a very targeted campaign, PCP was happy to invest in some quality ideas and solutions.

They find campaigns that require customers to interact with them are most effective, and also wanted to generate attention on social media. Another key priority was to promote the virtues of print, so we needed to come up with something that could only be done in physical media.

We pitched four concepts, amongst them this Booksafe concept, which the client loved and opted for.

The recipient opens the package to find inside what looks like a hard-backed book called The Right Combination. The graphics and copy suggest this is a thriller novel, the sort of thing you might read on holiday over the Summer, but on second glance the recipient will see that on the edge of the book there’s a 3-digit combination lock, because this isn’t actually a book, it’s a lockable travel safe disguised as a book.

The Booksafe is sent out closed and locked, and to find the combination, the recipient must find a clue hidden in the text on the back of the book. This will lead them to call the PCP Sales team, who will only give away the secret code in a one-to-one phone conversation. This will give them the ideal opportunity to arrange a meeting or pitch new services to their contact. Once the recipient has the code, and can open the booksafe to find a special offer voucher and a block of luxury chocolate made to look like gold bullion.

MOJO were responsible for the concept, design, copywriting and artwork on this project and we’re delighted to hear how much the PCP sales team love it and how well it’s going down with their customers. It’s already starting to generate big opportunities.

We’re also happy to announce that this project has been entered into the 2018 Print Week Awards, the highest accolade in UK print which every year recognise creative innovation in print media.


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